Mentor Program/Committee

The Mentoring Committees’ overall goal is to adequately equip and assist CPCU Candidates & GIS students in achieving the CPCU designation.  The committee also seeks to assist new designees & Society members with becoming active chapter members, mentors and/or mentees in an effort to support personal and professional development.  

What are the benefits of a mentorship?

  • Mentors are resources to assist during the process of acquiring the designation

  • Mentors can serve as a place to find encouragement

  • Mentors can also provide guidance and advice for new designees who are continuing on with his/her professional development

  • Mentors can serve as guides on how to get involved in the local Dallas CPCU Chapter

  • Mentorships are great networking opportunities

  • Mentorships are another avenue of giving back and helping others

How do I sign-up to be a mentor?

  • Follow the link below, view the demo, and sign-up!

Do I have to be in a long term mentorship?

  • No, there is an option to only do “Flash Mentoring”.Flash Mentoring is the opportunity to make a one-time connection with the option of turning into a long-term mentorship as you see fit.

Do I have the option to be in a long-term mentorship?

  • Yes, there is an option for a traditional mentorship that will last a minimum of 6 months and can be designed and catered to your preferences.

Can I be a mentor and a mentee?

  • Yes, you may be a mentor and a mentee.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor and/or a mentee please follow the link below and sign-up TODAY!!

CPCU Mentoring Page

For your ease of access there is also the CPCU Mentoring App: Chronus Mobile App for On-the-Go Mentoring & Networking, also accessible on the link noted above.  



Peter M, Morford, CPCU                                                            

Mentoring Chair