CPCU Sponsored Public Classes

Wed, 08/05/2020 - 10:00

ONLINE CPCU® 500, 520, 530 and 540 classes 

Sponsored by the Dallas CPCU Society 

The following courses are asynchronous classes previously recorded with student interaction via WebEx. Each audio/visual recording is approximately 2 hours and covers on average a chapter per recording. Each course offering are available in two packages.

INSTRUCTOR: Ruquiayah Rosado          
CPCU 500    Includes 8 Audio/Visual recordings FULL COURSE 

CPCU 520    Includes 10 Audio/Visual recordings FULL COURSE

CPCU 530    Includes 10 Audio/Visual recordings FULL COURSE

CPCU 540 Includes:
HP10bII+ calculator class    Includes 9 Audio/Visual recording plus a bonus HP10BII+ Calculator class and PDF.

This course covers only the math concepts related to CPCU 540 in addition to an HP10BII+ calculator class.    This includes ONLY 4 Audio/Visual recording 2.5 hours each plus a practice exam review recording. * CPCU 540 MATH ONLY INTENSIVE REVIEW

*Recommended for student who feel that they just need assistance with math portion of CPCU 540    

Location: Online via WebEx
Fees and Enrollment Packages: 
CPCU 500,520 AND 530 - $100 (RECORDINGS ONLY)

(Live instructor support includes having live a instructor available to contact to answer questions or discuss objectives. The instructor can be emailed or conference calls can be set up throughout the week via WebEx or phone.) 

Contact Ruquiayah Rosado by email with any questions at CPCUInstructorRosado@gmail.com

Benefits for students:
•    CPCU asynchronous classes record live instruction capturing student participation but now available for students to learn based on their schedules. 
•    Live instructor availability enables students to ask questions and interact with a live instructor for personalized Q&A. 
•    Practice questions are embedded into each objective and discussed in class
•    Live instructor support is available 6 days a week 

What are students saying:
“I’ve taken the CPCU 540 Exam 4 times and this class is the first time I feel like I actually really understand the material…I’m actually getting math questions right!!

“Just a quick note to thank you for being such a great instructor and for making the math make sense to me. I passed my exam today, completing my CPCU journey!
Attending the MATH ONLY classes and replaying them was invaluable. It gave me the confidence that I needed to approach this exam.”

“I recently obtained my CPCU after starting 22 years ago.  I had more than half done and decided to get the last 3 done this year.  I found online classes through the Atlanta CPCU society.  The instructor I had for each of the last 3 classes was Ruquaiyah Rosado.  I highly recommend her.  After doing self-study and then trying to get back into at an older age...late 40's compared to my 20s. I needed the accountability to motivate myself to study weekly in preparation for the weekly classes.  She was absolutely terrific for all 3 and I passed all the first time thanks to her (Including CPCU 540)!.  I can't say enough about her. The cost was not bad either. If you are like me and need some accountability reach out to her.   I can't recommend her enough.  Good luck to all! “
 “Having an instructor was great to have available throughout my entire studying process. She had a great pulse on the class and was available to assist when needed. Really happy I had an opportunity to be part of it." 

"I thought the class was very motivational and instructor answered all my questions." 

"I passed!! just wanted to say thank you for all your assistance and patience. Question after question the instructor was there for me" 

"I passed! Thanks for all the coaching and teaching. I will be taking another one your classes in the future. Appreciate you." 

" The discussion around stump-questions is invaluable. I read the chapters and sometimes the jargon used isn’t explained in the book, which can make deciphering the question very difficult. The instructor excels at applying real life examples to text-based questions and creating a link of understanding." 

"The instructor elaborated on material that wasn’t clear to me personally, even if the rest of our online study group did understand, which I really appreciated!" 
“This was my 2nd attempt after using other non-interactive study aids, having an instructor available to answer my questions made a huge difference.” 
CPCU®  are trademarks of the American Institute For Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters, d/b/a The Institutes. Ruquiayah Rosado is a recognized course leader for Institutes content but not affiliated or associated with The Institutes in any way. The Institutes do not explicitly endorse, approve, or support Ruquiayah Rosado or Ruquiayah Rosado’s services, but approve of the use of our materials for educational purposes.


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